Tuesday, February 21, 2012

America’s last hope: A strong labor movement

Labor Unions made the Democracy and Growth of the 20th Century Possible



The fate of the labor movement is the fate of American democracy. 
American Labor took this country to the most productive in the world, making the American Century possible.
Without a strong countervailing force like organized labor, corporations and wealthy elites advancing their own interests are able to exert undue influence over the political system, as we’ve seen in every major policy debate of recent years. 
Yet the American labor movement is in crisis and is the weakest it’s been in 100 years. That truism has been a progressive mantra since the Clinton administration. However, union density has continued to decline from roughly 16 percent in 1995 to 11.8 percent of all workers and just 6.9 percent of workers in the private sector.
So why the strong concentrated effort to undermine collective bargaining, advance Right-to-Work and erode workers rights? 
Because now they can, and a Indiana and other states have shown us, now they are set on taking control and ending the voice of the worker.. 
Without a democratic voice we are all on your won, and those who seek only profit are in full control.
Stand up for unions, for America and for your right to have an organized democratic voice.

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