Friday, August 10, 2012

On working as a local hire outside of your home market

Actors ply their trade and have always been Gypsies.

We travel, we explore life, we observe and we ply our trades along the way.

We go where there is work, but have just as much right to return "home" to where we feel we belong (for many reasons) to work there or between job.

Yet there are contracts and technicalities.

Often written by and for the majority, in this case actors who work out of and are hired out of the Los Angeles market. I can see the prohibition if you are hired in the LA Studio Zone, and understand how it may extend beyond that in the official doctrine of the Guild.

I know of many actors who work in cities where they have houses, or relatives and work as local hires, or who travel to near by markets where they have agents and work without per dium or additional income. The reality is that to act, or work background, and earn money under contract, talent who live outside of the two major zones (Los Angeles and New York) do travel and work when and where they can.

If you ha e qustions or need clarification, please contact Nevada SAG Executive Steve Clinton.

That said, there may be a violation of SAG contracts involved according to this material, forwarded by Riley G Mathews:

SAG TV/Theatrical Productions Engagement as a “Local” Hire Versus an “Overnight Location” Hire

The Guild is issuing the following bulletin regarding performers taking employment as either a “local” hire or as an “overnight location” hire in SAG television and film productions.

For work under the SAG TV/Theatrical Contract, it is important to ensure that you are employed properly either as a “local” or “overnight location” hire.   As a local hire, the performer lives in the area of the production and would not receive the contractual benefits of a performer traveling to the location on an overnight employment contract.

The SAG TV/Theatrical Contract requires the producer to pay the following benefits when a stunt performer travels to an overnight location: a roundtrip airplane ticket, payment for travel days to and from the location, hotel lodging, and meal allowances.  In addition to these benefits, a performer on a weekly employment contract is paid a location premium allowance.  Certain exceptions to the foregoing may apply when the performer is traveling to a legitimate producer’s base.

As a SAG member, the performer does not have the option to receive payment under a local hire employment contract when he/she is employed on an overnight location.  Please note: A member can be reported for waiving the terms of the collective bargaining agreements.  Failure to abide by these terms will subject a member to possible disciplinary actions under the SAG Constitution and Bylaws.  Possible disciplinary actions include reprimand, censure, fine, suspension from the rights of membership for a period of time or expulsion from the Guild.  It is important to preserve SAG’s hard-fought terms and conditions.  An improper hiring classification leads to the erosion of the contract, including benefits, such as guaranteed minimum salaries, beneficial working conditions, and a group pension & health plan.

We hope this bulletin clarifies the importance of working under the proper hiring classification.  If you have any questions, please contact the National Stunt & Safety Department (323) 549-6855 or your local SAG office.

First published May 3, 2010.

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