Sunday, May 26, 2013

A quantum shift in movie production values

The New Hollywood: Talent that is fast, cheap and under control.

Use of celebrities and big name directors, stellar single card writers and first strong production development staff may rapidly be a thing of the past, or of select projects. The number of films from studios is down, with the focus on secondary return in the DVD/Blue Ray market, toys, T shirts, posters and low budget spin offs. Product placement is on the increase.

All this against a record box office and the boom that is both overall movie going and 3-D.

Rereleases of films using the new 3D may become as prevalent (and less expensive) as Ted Turners attempts to colorize classis black and white movies in an effort to appeal to younger audiences.

Reasons vary from the recession, to a new marketing philosophy, to new young Turks in key positions, to the shift from creative industry to commodity and simple product marketing, as with any new cereal, hand lotion or fast food franchise.

"Though studio heads aren't exactly clipping coupons, they are imposing a sort of de facto salary cap on even the highest-profile projects. As a result, a number of cost-saving writers and directors are being entrusted with a slew of potential and established franchise projects from "Tron" to "Spider-Man."
"There is an austerity across the board," says a studio exec. "But less expensive does not equal inferior product."

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First published 2-28-2010

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