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Keep it simple
Tell your story.
Use an industry format.
Ask your agent for their preferred format.
Do not lie.
Do not exaggerate.
Show your best.
There is no such thing as SAG-Eligible.
Make sure you have talking points.
Resume and Photo must be kept up to date.

    Resumes are talking points for those you audition for, much like a professional employment resume. They should follow one of several accepted industry formats. 

They should never lie. 

Do not represent background work as acting work. 

Do not list teachers or coaches with whom you only took a few hours or few days of workshop. Rule of thumb: will they now you and recommend you if asked?

As a rule, once you have the credits, drop smaller roles, coaches you have studied with for less than a full year and talents or abilities at which you could not claim an expert level of proficiency. 

Do list your talents and abilities, because they can be used as ‘talking points’ or may qualify you for consideration of specific roles. Las Vegas talent has historically abused resumes and photographs, by not looking like their photograph when they show up for an audition, by keeping half truths on the resumes, by not investing in the proper tools and by not making both their name and their agents’ name and number or personal contact number easy to find and read. Resume and photographs are part of why Las Vegas has the reputation it does have, beyond specialty entertainers found in shows on the Las Vegas Strip.

NEVER list SAG-Eligible, as done above. It simply tells professionals who hire that you had a SAG role or extra slots but are not professional or serious enough to join the union.

There are many formats for resumes. As a rule include your name and a contact number plus union affiliation at the top. Start your credits with film, then TV, then theater, then training and special skills (make sure you are good at these, at least far above average if not a trained professional). If multi-lingual, list languages as special skills. . Do not include commercials, or if you must simply put "commercials on request". This is done because commercials listed often are considered, without asking you, conflicts and may keep you from even been seen for the work. Also, modeling resume's are separate. As a rule (rules can be bent or broken) modeling should not show up on a TV/Theatrical resume. 

In some markets commercial actors are no considered for film or television roles and visa-versa (although this trend is being eroded by celebrities doing commercial work). 

If you have an agent or manager, prepare a resume exactly the way they request, then make a separate document (never to be used if you are submitted by the agent for work) for your own use.

In this computer age there are also formatted forms to fill out. They may or may not showcase you at your best, but this is the society we now live in.

Resumes submitted electronically should be submitted as pdf or as a photo. Word may change formats depending on the computer settings on the receiving end. If "word" is requested, then submit word.
Note: Do not put SAG-Eligible...its shows you are not ready to be a profesional (either join a union or remain non-union / pre-union). 

Now a few Theatre Resume samples:

See also the following:

A few sample resume sites:
actor sample 1  

Feel free to share additional sites, your resume or to share info at:


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Actors and Acting: Links for more on acting and resources

Rule One: do not work non-union

We Stand Together: The Screen Actors Guild

Rule One is one of the founding principles and strengths of our union: we stand together as actors and do not work without a Guild contract.

If you are good at what you do, you should value your time and talents. Professionals join the union and the pay and working conditions unions helps guarantee.

Self-Taping Auditions Advice

The Art of Self-Taping

Andy Henry's POV: Self-Taping

So, last installmentAndy Henry contributed a great POV on self-taping and all the equipment actors need to have (and master using) to get their work in front of more and more buyers, these days. This time through, he's going to talk about the elements essential to your actual read, so that you can self-tape like a pro!

As I said in the last installment, in the past few years, it has become more and more common for those of us on the casting side of things to ask actors to put themselves on tape. Whether it is because you were on vacation or out of town working when we wanted to see you here in LA, or the film is casting in another part of the country or world, or even that we just don't have time to pre-read everyone but told your agent, "We would be happy to look at a self-tape," it is becoming more and more common--and thus more and more crucial--to know how to put yourself on tape in a manner that makes our lives easy and sells you in the best possible way. 
For more click on "read more" below or go to POV at Actors Access by clicking here.

Art Lynch Professional Resume (CV)

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